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We have created each one teach one scenario with most of our tutors being high school and college students. Becoming a virtual tutor would not only be a safe way for the tutors to earn community hours, but also provide valuable experience. Knowing that this service will be beneficial in improving our children's position in life, we appreciate any help that you can provide in our endeavors.


Meet The Team

Welcome to 'Count Me In’. We are a non-profit organization aimed at helping kids, families and churches in the community build long lasting good relationships, maintain togetherness and have a positive impact on each other.


Hello! In order to ensure that we can continue to provide quality programming for all the students participating in activities and tutoring, we ask that you sign this consent form and liability form. Thank you for all your support thus far!

Testimonials & Videos

Testimonials & Videos
Testimonials & Video 2

Kosisochukwu O. 

" As a parent, I couldn't be more thankful for these caring teenagers who are being great role models to my children ".

Mrs. Rodriguez

(Parent Testimonial)

Video in English & Espanol 

Ania Y.

Sofiat O.

"Thank you so much for all the terrific activities you offer and for giving my daughter something to look forward to each week!"

Kattie F.

Lillian W. 

Jaden S.

"All the teachers that my son has had have been great. What an awesome group of teens!"

April N.

"The program is well run and not only are they learning, but they are also having fun and getting exposure to some great role models in every session."

Taylor K.

Aakash R. 

             Zenobia H.

"We are thrilled with the at-home instruction we are getting from a wonderful group of teenagers, dubbed "

Greg T.

Nwosu N.

 Kirthana G.


"I couldn't be more thankful for these caring teenagers who are helping to make life as normal as possible for other kids."

Kim A.

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